Tuesday, April 8, 2008

music class finale

Today, we wrapped up a 10-week music class at The Heights Baptist Church (if you live in the are, I *highly* recommend this class; the teacher is wonderful, I made new friends and reconnected with some old ones, and Maggie learned a great deal--the girl has got rhythm). Aron's folks are in town, so they were able to come and join us for the "event." I'm surprised how little of Maggie's hilarious and hammy (is that a word?) side I was to capture today as she was out in front, screeching with delight most of the time or saying "hello" to various friends and babies. For now, enjoy!
Really, she was ecstatic to be there. This just must have been snapped when she stopped grinning. :)
The Leavers with sweet son, Ethan. R.Meyer, figured you'd like this shot!

Bubbles!! BTW--these are hands-down the BEST bubbles I have ever seen for this one reason: they last. They float around and stay on the floor and in your hair and produces a ridiculous amount of joy for little ones. Buy them here.

Grayson enjoyed time behind the camera.

With a favorite--the egg shaker!

Another favorite, the bells! Yes, this is what she did with them every week for 10 weeks.

Wanting more time with the drum, the sticks, and the parachute


  1. Too fun! Loving the shots! Those bubbles are awesome, aren't they? Angelina attended Gymboree play and music when she was 18 or so months old, and I loved the bubbles too!! Did you get that dress at Target? So cute! The bows keep getting bigger. ;) SO cute! Oh, and Angelina took a dance, and music class when she was a baby too. She loved it! I would love to get Zoe involved in Gymboree, swim classes, and music class too! I am going to check into them here, but may have to wait until we move to Arizona. It's harder to do a lot of extra curricular with 2. But I am looking forward to doing all of the above soon. :)

    Long comment! Sorry!

  2. Way to go Mags! I know you guys are so proud and A is already planning her musical career and band tours. LOVE the bow - where are you getting them? Locally? And that shot of you and M is great - she looks JUST like A.


  3. that face is priceless.."mommy I want to make a liar out of you!" and I love your shirt.

  4. Love all the new pics! Especially the first one--it almost looks like she is about to do her "squinty eyes" look. ;) The pic of the Leavers is cute and I have to tell ya, I love all of her bows! I'm thinking La had some influence in that area. ;)

  5. I do love that shot....as a matter of fact, they were just here with me for a few days so I got to get my fix of fun with them!!! Thanks for posting the cuteness!!!!

  6. a budding musician! i love it! looks so fun! xo