Saturday, December 13, 2008

birthday party

Today we hosted a come-and-go dessert for Maggie's birthday party. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with good friends. Maggie received some wonderful gifts and enjoyed playing with her friends. Even though not all are pictured, we just wanted to express our thanks to Greg, Patti, & Grayson, Erin, Christian, & Hudson, Renee, Sheldon, & Pierce, Nicole & Madeline, Tammy, Rick, Michelle, & Jonah, Allison, Jason, & Charlotte, Bethany, Cademon, & Asher for coming and celebrating with us!

Eating her cupcake

Hugging Charlotte

Opening gifts

Madeline helping Maggie unwrap her gifts


  1. Happy happy day, Mags! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us!

    Charlotte's head looks like a trapezoid in that picture. :o)

  2. Elefun!! We have that, and the kids love it!!! Sounds like a good time. :)

  3. we have elefun too! such a fun idea to have a come and go.

  4. We had a ton of fun and am always glad you have such a warm (loving I mean, not temperature)home.

  5. love it! looks so fun and def loving the 'come & go' thing. brilliant! xo

  6. such a cute/delish idea for a birthday party...looks like she had a ton of fun! can't wait to see miss mags again!