Monday, December 22, 2008

current winter & christmas-time favorites

*Maggie often saying, "I love Christmas music," whenever we listen to it
*Scarves and sweaters
*Maggie singing most of "Jingle Bells" and shaking a bell to go along with it
*Acoustic Christmas music
*The Christmas music station
*The fact that See's Candy opens several stores in the area to sell goodies before the holidays
*Land of Lakes Hot Chocolates (especially in Graham Cracker, Mint, and Supreme)--this is the next-best thing to homemade
*Hershey's Mint Truffle Kisses
*Whenever we tuck Maggie in at night, she often says, "Just like baby Jesus," because at church a few weeks ago, they did a craft where they glued a felt blanket on a picture of Jesus in the manager
*And lastly, the fact that overall, it's been a relaxing and stress-free holiday season this year, and thus, I've been able to think on Christ and enjoy my family more than I can remember in years past

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