Monday, December 22, 2008

holiday update

I've been on a bit of blogging hiatus, as the last couple of weeks have been relatively quiet with not too much to report. As of Friday, Aron has 2 weeks off from work and is done with fall semester classes, so we are soaking up all the time with him home that we can. It's been AMAZING so far! We've gone out several nights in a row and looked at lights with Maggie and given her a very small cup of hot chocolate each time; such a "special treat" as she calls it! :) The weather has cooled off considerably (though it did shoot back up into the 70s on Thursday), which always adds to the festive feel of this season. All my Christmas shopping is done and all gifts are mailed (I was actually done by the 12th, I can't believe it!).

Today, we are leaving for a week's visit in Oklahoma to see my extended family. I'm so excited about our road trip! Our first stop will be in the Tulsa-area to visit with my dad's side of the family for a few days. They do a big Christmas Eve breakfast that I haven't been to since I was little, so I'm looking forward it, as well as just spending time with aunts & uncles & cousins who I don't see regularly. Sometime later on Christmas Eve, we'll drive the 2 hours west into Oklahoma City and stay with my aunt & uncle (mom's sister--this is who I stay with whenever I visit OKC) and go to church at the church where I grew up. Should be wonderful! Christmas Day we plan to do lunch at their house with my grandparents and just relax. We may go see a movie that night or Friday night (as there are SO many good ones out now). My aunt and I will undoubtedly do a bit of after-Christmas shopping on Friday morning and then, Aron and I plan to return home sometime on Saturday, probably in the late afternoon. Maggie is excited about going on vacation!


  1. You're back! ;)

    Have a great trip to OKC & Tulsa!! It's coooold there right now... my brother and a friend have notified me of several recent ice storms. eeek!

    Love that picture of Maggie!

  2. Oh my...look how big she is!!! What a precious face...I am excited for you as you all embark on a new baby adventure!! Missing you! Off topic, CCBMS update: Mrs. Warren, (7th grade math teacher I worked with at CCBMS) retired last year!! I just got an email from her. Cheryl Taylor is also now the librarian some where (?), as was her dream!!