Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's been awhile since I posted some of Maggie's observations/sayings. Here are a few as of late:

After observing her friend Asher go "number 2" in the bathroom, she thoughtfully mused: "It kinda looks like a little bacon!" Dawnielle (his mom) and I about died laughing.

"I whistled through my nose!"

After I nursed Curren one morning on one side, he was still fussy, and she patted my other side and said, "I think he wants the other one."

I was editing some video on my phone and said I had to trim it and Maggie mused aloud, "With a knife?"

She is imaginative, creative, and loves all things play-related. While we read books, she loves to "jump" into the picture and have conversations with the characters (i.e. we do the voices and she talks with us). It's such a hilarious concept that she started all on her own about 5 months ago. Around the same time, she started wanting us to be the voices to her dolls and toys (and yes, even inanimate objects) and talk to her about all sorts of things. Honestly, I don't relish this first thing in the morning, as I'm getting my coffee and just trying to gear-up for the day ("Dora, will you talk to me?" "Evangeline, will you talk to me?"), but I try to indulge her when I can. She's so funny! I love my sweet girl.


  1. Love the bacon comment! E said one time; "It looks like a tall tower!" Oh kids, they are so funny (and can only get away with stuff like that. She is such a smarty. Fun to see her little personality develop; what a ham!

  2. that mags is great! i wish i could see & hear her first hang. i can't tell you how fun it's been to see O grow up and to start talking with him & hearing his little mind working. LOVE it. what a gift. xo

  3. love 'em!!
    Trinity saw me pumping a bottle for Reeve the other day. She looked at me strangely. She asked, "how are you going to get the milk back in your boobies to feed him?"

  4. so fun. sucha good mommy you are. My kids used to like to talk to my foot.