Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A perfect day

Yesterday, I had a perfect day. I was up at 5:30am to spend time in the Word/pray/journal and did this for 1 1/2 hours, which is highly unusual! It was very, very refreshing; I'm just getting back into a routine of starting my day in God's Word because for me, mornings are ideal: my heart is quiet, the busyness and choas of the day have yet to envelop me, and truthfully, this is giving God my first/my best before I begin my routine. I drank 2 cups of coffee uninterrupted and even scanne the newspaper later. Maggie slept until 8:30am, another highly unusual event (though it seems that adding darkening shades to her room have curtailed the 6am wake-up time) and I woke Curren up at 8am to eat. We enjoyed breakfast together and played with Curren. Then, we went for a walk, my exercise of choice these days. I talked with my grandparents and sister. During C's morning nap, Maggie and I did our school time and it was exciting to see her sounding out some words with me. Then, she went to her room for "room time" and I showered and got ready. After C woke up, we headed out for errands, checking things off my "to-do" list, getting some grocerries and going to the library. Afternoon naps provided a time for me to lay down for a bit, and get a few other things accomplished (though I should note here that I totally got frustrated with Maggie when she wouldn't go down right away and had to apologize). I made dinner (super yummy pulled chicken sandwiches from Cooking Light), Aron played with the kiddos and we put them to bed, the house was orgazined and picked up. We spent some time with his family, then hopped in the car for some leisurely driving and reading of the last Harry Potter book (I read aloud to Aron and love it!). We were in bed around 10:30pm. And to top off the day, I didn't eat any refined sugars (I'm trying to get off them and only eat them in moderation...many of you can relate, I know).

Here's my point: I love days like this, BUT they are few and far between. Days that you feel entirely productive and connected, days you've checked it all off your "to-do" list, days that you feel like "super mom." And YET I spend so many days trying to achieve this state of productivity and connectedness...only to have my patience tested, my plans changed, and in general, my mind/body/spirit exhausted. I think the reminders for me yesterday were these: Enjoy the journey God has for me, have grace for myself when days are not like this, adjust expectations daily, and relish the days that are "perfect."

"He leads me besides quiet waters, He restores my soul." Ps. 23:2b-3a


  1. This is great. We all need those "perfect" days to get us through the less-than-stellar ones. So glad you had this. I kept reading and thinking "wow, I'm so impressed!" Good thoughts on enjoying the day-to-day, no matter what it holds. I know we've talked about this a bunch: easier said than done, but so glad you are really striving for this. Love you!

  2. enjoyed reading this suz. yes, sounds like a wonderful day...ahhh. thanks for the honesty. i can 100% relate. i've been slacking on AM time w/ the Lord and MISS it:( it's the best. makes me sad that i've been so slack. hey, good job watching the refined sugars too, i didn't know you were doing this. let me know if i can help. xo

  3. Amen! Such a struggle for me right now, love your perspective friend.