Thursday, June 30, 2011

Allora Handmade Love

Oh my, I love my Allora necklace! I bought it at The Queen Bee Market in May. And I wore it every day. And then I lost it. I wish I knew what happend. I think Curren might have acutally thrown it away!?

To make me feel better Mags drew me a new one! LOVE her.


  1. oh no! so sad!! But how sweet of mags. thoughtful like her mama!

  2. love that Mags!!! what a SWEET girl! oh suz, you must feel sick about losing such a beloved necklace:( good think you have that eternal perspective on things. i still remember a sticker i lost when i was a little girl. (yes, it really is time i let go, sheesh). it was a butterfly w/ that irridescent/gel stuff in it. it was the coolest. but your necklace is way cooler than my sticker:) and thankfully you have that awesome pic of you wearing it. love that one. anyway... love you. xoxo