Tuesday, June 28, 2011

san diego botanical gardens

Last week, a few friends and I took our kiddos down to this fantastic local garden north of san diego. This is the same place Aron sent me for my birthday back in November of last year for a day of renewed life vision and reflection. We spent most of our time in the Hamilton Children's Garden, where the kids could climb an amazing treehouse, play music, build, play in sand, draw on giant chalkboards, see butterflies, float boats in water (Curren jumped off rocks and laid in the water and LOVED this part best), and run around with friends.

Love time like this with my kiddos! If you live in the area, I *highly* recommend this place!


  1. Sad we had to miss this outing! It looks beautiful and so kid-friendly. I hope to take my fam this summer!

  2. I am just now seeing this post! Loved the children's garden and had so much fun with you guys!!