Friday, June 10, 2011

preschool ends+pretend city+starbucks

Last Friday marked the end-of-year field trip for Maggie's preschool class and we visited a local children's museum called Pretend City, where kids can use their imagination to become a fisherman, doctor, dentist, checker, gardener, builder, actor, and firefighter to name a few. Maggie spent the majority of her time in the grocery store, garden, and doctors's offices.

My mother-in-law watched my two little kiddos and it was *absolutely* fantastic to just focus on Maggie for over 4 hours. We first met some school friends at Corner Bakery for a special breakfast, then enjoyed the morning at Pretend City. Maggie had a ball and still can't stop talking about our time. A special way to end the first year of preschool to be sure.

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  1. I love it when I am able to just focus on one of my older ones, it is magical to be sure. I am so glad that you got to do that! And what a fun place!