Sunday, October 21, 2007

cousin visit

My cousin, Joel, flew through Dallas on Thursday and stayed the night with us (he is my 3rd cousin, I believe; my dad and his grandpa are first cousins, how's that?). We ate at yummy Cafe Brazil, watched "The Office," and caught up in general; it's been about 5 years since we have seen eachother. I just wanted to post a picture of him and Maggie because well, Maggie *loved* him. Yes, she is a pretty agreeable child and smiles and goes to most any new person, but every now and then, there will be a man that freaks her out and she just burts into tears (and it has only happened with men, just ask Patti's husband). It's so bizzare beause the men are often very good friends of ours; she always warms up to them later, but the initial reaction is sometimes tears. This tends to happen with taller/more built, more facial-hair clad, men. I know Aron has facial hair, but I think she is used to it. I guess, I was just surprised how quickly she took to Joel (even crying when I took her away to go to bed!). Very sweet.
Thanks for stopping in, cuz. Come back anytime and bring your wife and kiddos with you. Here's to family!


  1. How cool to come visit your blog and find a pic of Joel with Maggie! I feel so out of the loop! :)

  2. ben and laila's oklahoma gmaOctober 22, 2007 at 8:00 AM

    Way too fun! What a fun picture. You may be third cousins, but..."we are family" ! Yay for "the clan"

  3. cousin visits are lovely...i can't wait for tobi and joyce's visit over thanksgiving...and owie will get to meet his new cousin luke too! fun!