Friday, December 7, 2007

addendum to "christmas traditions" post

I would love to hear what your traditions are, too! Share them here in the comments section; it's always fun to read what others do.


  1. Opening presents Christmas morning with our our children gathered round.

  2. Every year, each child gets their own new ornament.

    Decorating the house and tree together.

    Hanukkah dinner with my dad. [& Mom]

    Christmas Eve dinner and opening presents with my parents over.

    "Santa" delivers the gifts under tree at midnight.

    Early Christmas morning wake up to open Santa gifts [this would be the kids -- not Mike and I] lol.

    There are SO many more, but way too many to list in your comment section. Maybe I will make a list of traditions on my blog. :]

  3. really, there are too many, but a couple of my favs are;

    when i was a kid-going to pick out the live tree as a family (we have fake one, now)

    driving around, looking at all of the decorated houses

    reading stories by the Christmas tree on Christmas eve

    opening "the first gift of Christmas" on Christmas eve

    passing out all the presents on Christmas morning, so that everyone has a huge stack in front of them before anyone gets to start opening

    we love Chirstmas so much, and i am so happy to get to share the things i enjoyed from my childhood with my husband and children, and to get to start new traditions with with them, as well.