Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Maggie's stats

Maggie had her 12 month appointment yesterday and all went well. I really liked the new doctor; I found her by going onto our insurance website and picking the one that was closest to our house. I also liked her name. Is that silly? Anyway, I was most pleased!

Weight: 23 lbs., 11 oz.=80th percentile
Height: 30 in.=75th percentile
Head: 19 in.=<95th percentile :)

Just today Maggie learned to point to her nose when we say it. Auntie Tammy will be so proud! Tam said "nose" over and over when they came to visit in July. It's super cute because when I say, "Maggie, where is your nose?" she either taps her nose several times or sticks her finger up her nostril. hehe


  1. I picked E's doc in CA based on his pic, so it's not too silly picking based on a name. So glad she is the picture of health (Maggie)!

    I bet A gets a big kick out of the finger up the nose trick. You will have to tell her when she's older that she won't ever get asked on any dates if she's still doing that.


  2. She is growing up...sniff. Soon she'll be driving, getting married, having kids of her own. They grow up so fast...sniff

    What a cute outfit too!

  3. how cute!! Zoe is at 20 lbs 5 oz! I pick doctors by their names usually. So, no, you're not weird. At least according to me. :)

    My Ped now is a recommendation, and it was a GOOD one!!! :)

    Love the nose thing! Very cute!

  4. ah, the finger up the nose. good times!

  5. yea for maggie...she is going to be in the top of her class!

  6. way to go maggie! love that she knows where her nose is. and i don't think it's weird at all that you chose the doctor based on her name. i do the same thing! i wasn't able to get the doctor (based on a name) that i wanted for jake when we moved here and i'm not crazy about the one they put us with and i'm not crazy about her name either.

  7. Asher got his stats on Thursday- 24 lbs, 30 inches- he and Mag's are on the same chart :-)