Monday, February 18, 2008

a few things that make me happy

My good friend, Shelley, makes these lists when life gets her down and I've decided to follow suit. Last week was just an off week for me. I felt disconnected from people, reflective on some things that are currently overwhelming me, and Maggie was teething something fierce and was up multiple times most nights which = little sleep for both Aron and I and well, when I don't get proper rest the weight of the world is on my shoulders. This list will hopefully help me put some focus back into my week and some praise on my lips for the good things that God is doing. In no particular order...

1. Lunch last week after music class with a new friend
2. Einestein Brothers' bagels, coffee, and good conversation with my friend Allison last Friday morning
3. Letters in the mail from my grandparents
4. Some meaningful conversations with my good friend Kathryn about things that are consuming me (per above)
5. Coffee early on Friday morning with my friend Erin
6. My girlfriend Laurie coming to town today and staying through Friday
7. Reading an encouraging blog post from Carolyn that reminded me to praise God in hard moments (and I did work on this, you'll be proud to know, C--thank you for your words).
8. Cleaning my entire house last week (I just love this feeling!)
9. Sticking entirely to our food budget for the week (this is HUGE for me [it rarely happens, to be honest] and something I'm working on)
10. Seeing my aunt and uncle last week and them graciously bringing down a bed they no longer use which now has become our offical guest bed.
11. Reading through Genesis, focusing on God's grace

After re-reading this list, I find it ironic that I felt disconnected from people, because quite clearly, I was able to connect with multiple friends. Hmm...this list has done me good indeed! :)


  1. Here I am, the first commenter, AGAIN! haha. I often contemplate waiting until there is at least one comment before I comment, but what is the point? I just happen to check blogs at the right time, I guess. :] haha.

    Suz, I totally understand where you are coming from! I love to make lists at times too. In fact, most of the reasons I blog are for myself. Yes, the people that read and comment are a plus, but I blog to reflect or to remember. It's a journal of my life. Lists make it that much better.

    Love ya! ;)

  2. Girl...thanks for sharing. I am currently in a funk as Chase has been sick too and our nights have been rough. I just have to realize that God calls us to be thankful and joyful in all things and circumstances. That is a wake up call. I can get so stuck in my own world, that I fail to think eternally.
    By the way, can I say that I love keeping up with you via blog. Miss you friend.

  3. Suz,
    Thanks so much for the reflection...I will be doing the same. It's nice sometimes to put things into perspective and realize how gracious and mighty God is. Be still and know that He is God! Be still.

  4. that's such an awesome idea! Now maybe I can be on the list for next week, eh?

  5. Sometimes it's the little things that remind you of how much goodness you've experienced or even simply seen.

    I particularly congratulate you for sticking to your food budget all week, since this is something we've talked about a lot for ourselves. Great job!

  6. It was good seeing you tonight at Whitney's wedding. You looked so great!! To God be the glory that He continues to use His grace in my life to bless you mentioned in your list. Keep on keeping on in that praise list!! You will receive the greater bless as you bless the LORD!!
    Love, Carolyn