Saturday, February 9, 2008


A brief update on our sweet M:

*New vocabulary includes "nigh nigh" for "Night Night" (what we say when we put her to bed), "poo" for "poop", "nana" for banana, and several new sounds including, "sh" (which she says repeatedly for "shoe").

*Can point to her nose, head, ear, mouth, tummy, shoe, and sometimes, diaper.

*Has leared to sit down on a small bench in our house and stand back up. Seems to understand the coorelation between the words "sit" and "stand" and the actions they require.

*Started playing peek-a-boo on her own one day in the high chair (covering and uncovering her face).

*Can blow her nose (more or less) if we hold a Kleenex up to it


  1. kudos on the nose blowing. My three year old still has yet to figure that out.

  2. i would love to see pics of her playing peek-a-boo! how cute!

  3. Yeah, Maggie! Great job on the nose blowing. Only one of the two year olds in our class can do that!

  4. Cuteness!! You will have to put her on display and show me all these things in person when we're there in just a week!!


  5. She's so smart! You should video some of these for us. I love my little niece.