Monday, February 25, 2008

goodbye, Elise and Laurie!

Maggie and I had so much fun last week when our good friends came to visit. Laurie was incredibly flexible and we spent the majority of our days around the house, vegging and letting the girls play. We did make a few trips to the park, ate Sprinkles cupcakes, went to Willow Bend mall for lunch and some indoor playtime, and enjoyed quick stops at Starbucks and Einstein Brothers Bagels. La and I enjoyed good conversation each night, as we ate dinner and watched some TV. I so enjoyed watching Laurie interact with Elise! She is an excellent mother, very consistent and very encouraging. Elise is super sweet and even though she and Maggie can't really play together on the same level just yet, she was kind and shared toys with her or enjoyed chasing her around the house. The girls did watch some of our favorite shows, Word World on PBS and Little Einsteins on Disney. The picture above was snapped of the two of them watching LE one night as we sat down to dinner. Maggie has even started to pat her legs, just like the do in the show's opener. It's fun to see your kids pick up things!

Came back anytime, friends! We love and miss you already.


  1. you were a fabulous hostess! and i didn't really feel like I was being "flexible" because I thought we hit just the right mix of activity and leisure on our trip. everything about our time was perfect. you, however, failed to mention your SUPER tasty dinner - the pasta and salad one - I still need the recipes for those!

    Love you so!

  2. Awww. Sounds like you 4 had a great time!! Glad to hear that La was able to visit. Elise sure is a cutie. Of course Mags is too! ;)

  3. i love this shot of the girls! where's a shot of the moms??? c'mon ladies!!! so, sprinkles cupcakes...did i see them featured on the food network? did bobby flay challenge them to a throwdown? i think so??? do they make really big velvet ones? xo

  4. Cute pic of the girls! Thank goodness for "LE" and other quality shows--gives moms time to hang out and chat a bit too. ;)

  5. wow! Mags looks like a little girl not a baby anymore. She's growing up fast.