Monday, February 25, 2008

swim lessons

We are currently taking a 4 week swim course that meets 2x a week at one of the rec centers in Plano. Patti and Grayson are also attending and the kiddos could not be having more fun. Mags LOVES the water! With my help, she is getting good at floating on her back, switching to her front, and sitting on the wall then jumping into the water on my command, and always turning around to grab the wall when done. We are working on her monkey crawl (moving her hands down the wall, one over the other), and teaching her to blow bubbles and not drink the water...yes, she really *likes* to drink the pool water! She is full of smiles and laughs whenever we are in together. Aron took a vacation day today and was able to join us and take some pictures.
Floating on the back (doesn't the baby doll look funny in the background?!)
Floating on the belly

Fun with Grayson on the wall
Practicing blowing bubbles and not drinking the water

All smiles!


  1. What a big girl! I was totally cracking up at the baby doll and thinking to myself (before I realized that it was fake) "wow, that baby sure floats well!" Mags looks super cute in her swimsuit and I'm impressed with how well she's floating on her belly! No doubt with your backyard pool, she'll be expert swimming Maggie by the end of the summer!


  2. How fun! When we move to Arizona, I definitely plan on getting Angelina and Zoe into swim lessons immediately! :) That is so cute!

  3. I feel like such an idiot that I thought the doll was a real baby and was wondering what kind of mom would just let her son float around like that?! Anyways, congrats on learning to swim Mags!

  4. so fun! i love seeing you guys swimming together! i'd love to get O into a swim class. mags sounds like a pro already! when can we come to the mckay pool?

  5. i love these pics. i, too, was duped by the baby doll, lol. looks like maggie is having a ton of fun being a water baby! and, it's cool that aron could come take pics!

  6. I wish I was there to join in the fun! Auntie Shannon would show Mags how to do the butterly, the breaststroke, the freestyle and how to use a kickboard. Can't wait to swim with her on our next visit.