Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Muffin tin lunch

After seeing this example on blogs well over a year ago, I finally attempted my first "muffin tin lunch." It was a HUGE hit with Maggie, who had a blast munching on whatever she wanted. This lunch worked well because I was low on groceries and was able to put a few of each item in each cup. Whatever she didn't finish we ate for snack after her nap. And along these same lines, my friend Casey wrote a recent post on using the muffin tin as a snack tray throughout the day: fill the cups in the morning and your child can eat anything at his/her leisure. But, once a cup is empty, it's empty; no refills until the next day.

Sometimes, as a mom it's SO easy to get overwhelmed with all the creative/crafty/fun ideas out there that I "should/could" be doing with my children. I've always liked the idea of implementing "measurable goals," a phrase I learned from a mentor years ago. Instead of feeling like I should do a "muffin tin lunch" or a "muffin tin snack" every day, I'm going to them each weekly. Totally doable, and totally something fun for Maggie to look forward to!


  1. That's great Suz. It will probably be something that she talks about when she is older..."Remember when Mom used to let us eat snacks out of a muffin tin? That was so much fun!"

  2. I may adopt this idea as well. Only, to keep mine as measurable goals, I might do it once a year! I might have to buy two more muffin tins to keep the fighting at a minimum!! Thx for sharing :)

  3. so glad it was a hit. I really like the snack idea - might have to try for E since she is always asking for snacks. And good point on measurable goals. Very smart, my friend. xoxo

  4. Haha - I love Rachel's "once a year" goal--definitely doable! :)

    What a great and cute idea.

  5. FUN idea!
    I need to steal/borrow this one!