Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a refreshing reminder

One of my MOST favorite blogs is called "Simple Mom" and that title says it all. The woman who runs it, Tsh, is a Christian and gives wonderful insight into all areas of life as a mom: time management, home management, self-care, creative play, budgeting, going green, etc. She has recently added some new off-shoots to her main site, including "Simple Bites" (kitchen tips, eating healthy), "Simple Organic," "Simple Homeschooling" and "Simple Kids." They are all wonderful sites, and not only do I usually take something away from each article, they are very SIMPLE to read, taking no more than 4 minutes of my time. How much do I LOVE this?!

She posted yesterday an insightful reflection on "The Tyranny of the Urgent," an article published in the 1950s on how often we confuse our priorities and do more of the "urgent" things in our day/life and do not focus enough attention on what it "important." A breath of fresh air for me!

Take a moment to click over and read this *wonderful* piece; like I said, it'll take you no more than 3-4 minutes. AND if you aren't already a fan of "Simple Mom," I think you will be! Read on!

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  1. I was driving yesterday & thought of you & your fam. I began to pray for you guys and really felt the Lord's heart over your family. Anyhow hope you guys are well.