Tuesday, February 9, 2010

one last supper

Maggie and I joined our good friends Dawnielle and Asher for a fun dinner at Chuck E. Cheese last Wednesday night. It was Maggie's first experience and she LOVED it: all the lights, sounds, things to ride. She and Asher enjoyed trying to drive cars and motorcycles in video games, too. They especially enjoyed picking out some prizes with their tickets (won, mostly, by myself and D--some of those games are like gambling for adults): Maggie chose a magic wand and lollipop and Asher wanted the same thing.

The next morning, Dawnielle gave birth to a new baby, a boy she and her hubby named Zadok Dustin. He is PRECIOUS and has the tiniest features and a full head of dark hair. Welcome, little man! We've all waited a long time for you. Congrats to our sweet friends.


  1. So sweet! I love that Asher chose the same things Maggie wanted. He looks like a sweetie pie.

    Glad you got to spend some sweet time with your friend. :)

  2. fun! love that color on you btw :)

  3. What a fun thing to do together before the baby arrived! And how fun that #2 and #3, respectively will be buddies as well. And this post reminds me that we need to see bely shots! xoox