Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fighting human injustice & poverty

God has been stirring my heart slowly over the past 3 years to take a closer look at ways I can be involved with fighting human injustice in this world. It's a heavy topic and there are many, many amazing organizations to get involved with. I'm still in prayer as to how God wants to use me exactly, long-term. As a stay-at-home-mom, I long to do more and am actively looking for ways to do just this. Some on-going causes that I've been involved with or that stir my heart include:

The Human Trafficking Project
One Day's Wage
Not For Sale

A fantastic fair trade company I've purchased from: Trade as One

Is God stirring you? What are you doing? Would love to hear!


  1. Suz this is also something that has been on my heart for a long time. Most of the time I can't even think about it without tears coming to my eyes. It absolutely breaks my heart and I also feel like I have a passion for this too. I have donated at Love146 and think they are doing amazing things.

  2. Hey there Suzanne! Hope you are well. If you have never checked out please do so. My friend started it and it is incredible and they also have a movie coming. It has really eye opening work and I really trust them and their research etc. Kurto worked while traveling for 2yrs on this issue and if you want more info or good books to read let me know. Happy belly to you. Hope everything is well.

  3. I will have to check these out. So cool to read this in light of our recent group emails about my heart for africa/adoption/widows/orphans.

    love seeing you excited about something and your desire to do more - isn't that where all great things start? xoox