Thursday, June 3, 2010

week 32 belly shots and impromtu photo shoot

My good friend Allison from Texas was in town for a few days this week and stayed with me. It was WONDERFUL to see her and spend time together. We enjoyed a movie ("Up In the Air"), coffee out, shopping, and overall just good veg time. She did my birth shoot with Curren last year and now has a booming photography business in Dallas. If you are in that area, look her up.

On her last day here, we headed down to San Clemente to grab Pedro's Tacos for lunch (a must!) and she took some pics of me and the kiddos at the Pier. They turned out AMAZING! She is so flippin' talented. I love her.

And the fantastic necklace is courtesy of Julie at Joy's Hope. She made a batch in mid-April and I was lucky enough to snatch one up. Alas, she hasn't made any since. I've had dozens of people ask me where they could get one, so give her a shout out on her blog and tell her if you like it! :)


  1. Be still my heart--that picture of Curren is to die for.

    I also really love the candid one of the three of you.

  2. thanks, katie! i agree, that one of C is amazing! i can't wait to frame these in a collage.

  3. gorgeous! what a treasure to have these!

  4. OMGOSH!!! These are amazing!!!!!!! Wow! Picture perfect :)
    Thanks for sharing them! so.very.cute!