Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I really hate to handle raw chicken. And it's not just a pregnancy thing.

Am I the only one?!

I actually *semi-dread* cooking it if it's on the menu that night. I mean, I think about it throughout the day and just wish it would somehow cook itself. My friend Kathryn is a cooking queen and says it's important to pound chicken breasts before cooking them because it not only tenderizes them, but also helps them cook more evenly. So, I now pound them before I cook them. An additional touching-the-chicken step in the cooking process, and I get why it's beneficial, but still dislike the extra time I have to touch them.

Yet, when said chicken dish is cooked and plated, it's good and healthy and I'm glad I made it.

Probably my favorite chicken recipe is Ina Garten's Parmesan Chicken. It's so easy and has a good flavor and the chicken is usually really moist. Served up like the picture with greens and a light citrus dressing on top is perfect. Maybe that's my problem. I don't have dozens of chicken recipes I like. So, I'm in need of new recipes. Please, share!

Randomness, I know.


  1. Ok,this is NOT fancy. You are warned :)

    I also hate raw chicken. So I discovered that you can dump it still frozen into the crockpot with bbq sauce or salsa. Lol. It cooks fine, serve over noodles or rice or shred for sandwiches. Like I said, not fancy, but good, quick, and hands free. lol

  2. This is true Suz. My mom cooks breasts straight from the freezer in a pan, on low, covered.
    I will email you a few of my favorite chicked recipes sometime this week.

  3. SO weird... I JUST made that Barefoot Contessa recipe last week! It was delish!

    I will have to give you that recipe for the chicken we had over at my house. Actually, here it is:

    I omit the chipotle chili powder and just add a little extra regular chili powder.

    I've also been wanting to try this one from PW:

    This is also DELISH:

    Finally, we LOVE these fast chicken fajitas:

    Hope that gets you started!

  4. I do chicken more than anything else, I think. Pineapple chicken is super easy:

    dice 3-4 chicken breasts; cook in a bit of olive oil. Then add one large can crushed pineapple (strain out most of the juice) and one envelope onion soup mix. Stir and cook over low-medium a few minutes. Serve over rice.