Saturday, June 5, 2010

to Florida, with love

I took Curren to Florida over Memorial Day weekend to visit my folks. We haven't seen them since Christmas and as you know, kids change so fast from month to month. Both my parents said they really enjoyed "getting to know" Curren better. And I LOVED having 1-on-1 time with him. The 5-hour flight each way went surprisingly well, thanks to God's amazing grace: on the full flight there a father of 3 sat next to me and helped entertain Curren, and on the return trip home, we had an empty seat next to us on the yet-again full flight. Thanks to toys, videos from my iPhone and music from iTunes, snacks, and running up and down the aisles, we made it.

In Orlando, my parents were the best hosts: lazy days, breakfast at Sweet Mama's Cafe, lunch at an amazing seafood restaurant, outdoor shopping, day trips to Celebration, FL (think picture-perfect "Stepford Wives" looking town with lots of cute shops, fountains, and the BEST ice cream ever at Kilwin's) and Winter Park, FL, and nightly trips to the park to let C run around. Curren loved all the attention from his Grandpa and Marmee and I enjoyed the relaxing pace of life.

Because I tried to pack light and didn't want to bring our nice camera, enjoy these pics thanks to the iPhone.

Dad and Mom, THANKS for everything! We had a fantastic trip.
First plane ride
Loving the fountains in Celebration
Lunch in Celebration
Shopping in Celebration
Starbucks break in Winter Park (and the last day I will ever see that necklace)
Watching the train in Winter Park
Swinging with bubbles at the park
Loving the musical rocks

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  1. So glad the trip was a good one. I'm sure C loved being center of attention. I mean, imagine getting to do whatever you want - that only happens w/ the first. And I know your parents were in heaven getting the time with you both!