Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This age is one of my favorite with my kiddos. It seems for both we blinked and they were talking up a storm. I'm surprised he's talking this early, actually, as experts (aka: moms) tell you that boys mature slower than girls. Maggie started saying alot of words early(prior to age 1) and it just never stopped. Between 13-15 months of age she was speaking in short phrases. Curren said his first words right around 11/12 months of age, but there really hasn't been much beyond "mama," "dada," "dog," and "ba" (for everything from his blanket to a ball) and maybe a couple more for the past well, 8 months.

But, look out! This boy has been listening and is now officially downright chatty. His words include: choo-choo, all aboard, train, a plethora of animal sounds when asked what the respective animal says (moo, baa, ssss, roar, quack, neigh, arf, meow), butterfly, milk, Maga (for maggie), night-night, pillow, jesus, blanket, shoe, sock, hot, no touch, yes, coffee, airplane, spoon, fork, edamame, cashew, banana, oatmeal, car, truck, book, table, horse, duck, moon, ocean, colors, door, red, blue, flower, jump, run.

And it's like he learns at least a new word daily when Aron and I relay what we've been hearing to eachother. And Curren apparently knows how to count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. What?! It must be that older sibling thing.

And he gives the BEST kisses. It's like the light went on one day and he now purses his lips together and makes the biggest smooching noise when he kisses us (btw--we are a lip kissing family. And it's funny as I didn't grow up that way, but I think I just wanted to do this with my kiddos. Anyone else?).

He tells us vehemently if he doesn't like a song, be it on the iPod or one we sing. His current favorites are "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "He is Jealous For Me." And I'm remiss to admit that he LOVES our iPhone; it has been a closet secret for us for almost a year, as he started playing with it occasionally around 11 months. That boy knows his phone. However, it appears we aren't the only parents who give our kids an iPhone...from time to time. The NY Times ran a most interesting article about toddlers' current favorite toy. Look out.


  1. love him...he is edible! he's growing so fast!and you are def not alone, my nephew plays w/ the old iphone.

  2. We are occasionally a lip kissing family. I try to keep it to a minimum though to avoid passing germs.