Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thunder Cake

We awoke to thunder and lightening and rain yesterday morning and as soon as Maggie came downstairs, she declared, "I want to make Thunder Cake." How does a mom refuse that?

Either I found this book at a garage sale or my mom sent it to us. Regardless, it's a wonderful story about a little girl and her Russian grandma. A storm is brewing on the horizon and the little girl is scared. Her Grandma teaches her how to make "Thunder Cake" and takes her mind off the weather. When the storm finally hits, they sit down to a delicious treat. And you are reading that right: there are tomatoes in it! The secret ingredient. And I'd make it again.

It was a perfect treat on a wet and stormy day!


  1. yum! i had a cousin once who used to put tomatoes on top of her chocolate cake. i tried it once and it was really good! what a great book.

  2. fun! i'm intrigued about the tomatoes... such a fun mama!

  3. oh my word! how fun is this!?!?!? i so want to read this book & make this cake. my kids would flip over this. love it suz! good job making memories! xoxo

  4. thanks for the feedback! tines, you should totally make it soon!