Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kate: Month-by-Month (1-2)

Here is Kate at 1 month old (top chair) and 2 months old, or 11 weeks old as of yesterday. By far, she is my most mellow child at this stage and is the best sleeper, still! On average she is up once a night, sometimes twice. I also started sleeping her on her tummy much sooner and I think it has contributed to better sleep. She truly, truly LOVES her siblings and lights up when either of them come around. Curren recently has started to "read" her books while she is in the swing: i.e. he lays them on top of her and "talks." It's awesome! I will also often find him rocking her forcefully in the swing (he's all boy, what can I say?), giving her his prized green blanket, or giving her tons of kisses, having just put all his weight on her stomach to hoist himself in her face. Maggie sings songs all day long to her, holds her hand, and gives her things. It's really wonderful to see the older 2 being so loving and attentive.

In the last week, Kate's smile has really emerged and it lights up her whole face and wrinkles around her eyes and her chin disappears into her neck. It's simple the best. She also has started cooing and "talking" more which is super fun. And by far, I've enjoyed this newborn phase the most with her, maybe because she is so easy, or maybe because I know she's my last. These days are filled with alot of everything and alot of nothing, but I'm taking them all in stride.

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  1. her expressions are the best! "really mom? we're going to do this every month?"