Thursday, September 22, 2011


There is something so terribly special about sisters. I love the way my girls interact. Maggie's love for Kate is kind and gentle. She shares easily with her and loves to make her laugh. And for the most part, when Kate is sad, Maggie is quick to comfort her.

My sister is my best friend, a comforter, a listener, and someone who really gets me and loves me as I am. I hope our paths cross again one day soon, I miss doing life with her. It's hard to believe that pre-kids we lived next door to each other! Those were special days.

For now, I watch my girls and look forward to their continued growth in friendship as they learn to cherish each other and do life together.


  1. agreed! you and i both share this bond and so glad our girls all have it too. so sweet to see these pics of K and M - and how beautiful is that shot of Mags at the end!! Is this dress up or does she actually take? xoxo

  2. omw, that first pic of the 2 of them is frame-worthy. i love it! speaks of their sweet relationship. i love thinking of you & your sister's sweet friendship. i hope my girls have that. xo

  3. I totally agree Suz. Sisters are the greatest gift!

  4. Ok, now that I wrote that and started thinking about my sis I am totally getting choked up!