Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First DART ride

We took the kids for a ride on the DART on Saturday and they loved it. We headed to downtown Carrollton, about 25 minutes away via the train. Curren was mesmerized almost the entire ride up and did surprisingly well staying in his seat; the ride home around 7:30pm, not so much. It was fun to watch the landscape roll by, to point out familiar landmarks, to people watch, and to enjoy being together.

We stopped in a local candy store called Blooms, which, to be honest, felt more like an airport stop candy shop than an old fashioned candy store like the website promotes. Nevertheless, the kids knew no different and enjoyed picking out something sweet--both chose lollipops, which was the best thing Curren could have chosen as it kept him occupied the whole time.

The downtown Carrollton area was cute, with a few restaurants and antique shops. The last picture highlights a shop door with a bird on it and I couldn't resist taking a picture of it in honor of my friend Nicole. She introduced me to the video shorts Portlandia and one specific episode is how we are so obsessed with all things birds in this culture: "Put a bird on it!" It's a *hilarious* short and if you have 2 minutes, you need to watch it.

The train ride and family time spent doing something new was great fun. As the kids get older and older, it's the best to watch them enjoy all the new activities we do; makes things we plan more worthwhile, wouldn't you agree?


  1. SO cute! So cute!!

    first, Mags' legs are SO long in that one shot - she is such a big girl now - wasn't she just born??

    second, love that C is feeing Kate a taste of the lollipop. Yup, 3rd child for sure. The horror if that had happened w. our first! :)

    third, love how C is all "yee haw, ride em, cowboy!" in the shot and then the next one Mags looks so demure and ladylike. :)

    Fun outing - I need to take the kids on Marta. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. HAHAHAAA! I was laughing when I saw my name there. It still makes me laugh. I am loving all your new posts! I got on here thinking there was going to be one new one but there were 5 or 6-yay!