Tuesday, September 27, 2011

breakfast picnic

On Saturday morning we met our friends Tyce and Bethany and their boys at Coffee Park (our new fav and so appropriately named) for breakfast. This wonderful family used to live across from us when we first lived on campus at DTS. Tyce graduated in May and they are living in Tyler, TX, not too far from here. Bethany quickly grew to be one of my closest friends here on campus and we've remained close in the time spent apart. I love how God providentially placed us as hall mates 3 years ago.

I baked a quiche lorraine (with my own pie crust!) and it turned out yummy. Even Mags, who does not eat eggs, really liked this "breakfast pie." I think that's what I'm going to call it from now on. Bethany picked up muffins and coffee from Central Market (if this isn't one of the most glorious stores ever created, I'm not sure what is) and we devoured our delicious breakfast in the park on a cool, fall morning.

I told Bethany going into our time together that I had high hopes it would be idyllic--fall weather, good food, our husbands getting to catch up, the kids playing well, she and I getting to connect--and guess what?! It totally met all of my expectations. Love that.

So thankful for good friends and ones that all parities involved really get along (wives, husbands, and kids), a true and rare gift. We love you guys!

Bennet and Kate--the two newest additions to the family. B is 3 1/2 months older than Kate and totally smitten with her. I think they make a lovely couple, no?!
Asher and Cademon, whom Maggie adores playing with!
My kiddos, having a hard time smiling for the picture
The wonderful Jensen family
So thankful for this friendship!

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  1. I didn't know you knew the Jensen's. So fun! Bethany was my swing leader last semester. She's such an amazing gal. Love your blog and the photography :)