Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wedding anniversary

9 years ago, I married the love of my life. And he is still that today, my Love! Our marriage is sweeter and richer today than it was when we said "I do." Our history began over 14 1/2 years ago; the roots of this relationship go deep.

Aron, you are a profound example of God's great grace in my life. You have shaped me, truly, into who I am today. I am humbled, almost daily, with how you love me. You listen to me as I process aloud, you give me breaks from mothering when I'm in need, you serve me around the home without being asked, you love to spend time with the kids, and you love to do life with our little family.

You are a safe place for me, a place I've learned to rest and trust in as a harbor from this world. I have thrived under your love and care. Ultimately, you are so very Christ-like; you are fulfilling your duty and joy as a husband by loving me, your bride, as Christ loves His church, giving His life as a ransom (Eph. 5:25). You are constantly putting my needs above your own. It blows my mind and it doesn't get more achingly beautiful than that.

Happy 9th, Aron! I'm eagerly and joyfully anticipating what is to come.


  1. happy anniversary suz and a! you are a beautiful couple, and I love how you two equally value each other so greatly.

  2. oh suz, i love to hear your words about your A! what a picture of Christ & His church your marriage is! so beautiful! praise God! happy anniversary lovebirds!

    (loving the regular posts, btw) xo