Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"For A Moment," a poem by my sweet mother

My amazingly, talented and creative mom, Judy, wrote me a poem, speaking of the loss of our baby. It was stunningly and achingly beautiful and I had to share it. My mother is a gifted, gifted writer and communicator and always has been.

"For A Moment"

In that secret place of newness,
The knitting needles clicked in time,
To the beat of God's own heart,
Knit and purl, knit and purl--line upon line.

Thread and yarn were not the fabrics
As He worked through night and day,
To create a living image
In His tender, skillful way.

The babe was fearfully and wonderfully made,
Woven together, a heavenly work of art.
A tiny handmade treasure--
Safe under his Maker's and his Mother's heart.

But, before the creating,
His days had been ordained.
And before the birthing,
Nothing yet remained...

Except to let him stay with God,
Fashioned by His hand, yet always
planned to be,
Your child for a moment,
But His child for eternity.

Psalm 139:13-16

Sweet mama of mine, I love you so. Thank you for this gift of words to help heal my heart and remind me of the Savior's great love.


  1. that's absolutely beautiful, and totally made me cry.

  2. wow. what a precious gift, suz...I treasured every word.

  3. how beautiful, suz. love you. xo

  4. Beautiful! Please know that even through distance prayers are always heading your way!!!!