Sunday, August 7, 2011

what to do in 30+ days of 100+ degree heat?

Try new foods: quinoa and broccoli!
Take a nap with your sister
Have a birthday party (more to come!)
Practice your camera skills

Swim time with good friends


  1. Ok, so many things:

    1. Do you guys have bunk beds?? (the pic of Mags w/ camera)
    2. Love C's swim trunks!
    3. How cute and chunky is Kate! Love her legs!!
    4. I am so amazed they took a nap together - did they play and then just finally go to sleep? Super cute pic of C-man too.
    5. I hate this weather too. :)

  2. La, we had friends give us the bunk beds when we moved; they are NICE, a true gift to us! Glad you like C's trunks--Target! As far as Curren in the bed with Kate, that was one night after they were all supposed to be asleep. We always check on them before we go to bed and when we walked in, they were like that! C is really quite a turkey!