Monday, August 8, 2011

Kate Evangeline: Month 12 + 1st birthday party

We celebrated Kate on her birthday last week. We began the day with spiced carrot muffins (thanks, Casey, for the amazing recipe) for breakfast, opening gifts, and playing with balloons. After lunch, a few friends joined us to eat cupcakes; I made the chocolate chip cupcakes out of Deceptively Delicious and they were good, though quite dense, more like a muffin. All the kids really enjoyed them. Kate *loved* her cupcake and couldn't get her hands on it fast enough!

What a JOY Kate is in our lives. This year definitely has been amazing and has flown by.

Happy 1st birthday, sweet girl!


  1. i knew her bday was coming, but I thought it was later. wow! 1 year! happy birthday to a sweet, chunk a munk, happy girl! love her and love her mama!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!