Saturday, April 28, 2007

weekend plans

It's spring in Chicago! I will have to post some pictures of all the beautiful tulips that are in bloom aplenty. Today is sunny and gorgeous and I've already been out to get some grocerries at Target with Ms. M (and it's just now 9:30am). I enjoy going when stores are not packed so I can take my time to browse. I sipped my Starbucks Americano and made the rounds, snapping up some new socks, a pair of shorts, and a summer shirt for Mags. In a few hours, I'm headed to the airport to meet up with my friend Karissa (from college). She is living in the Azores (the islands off the coast of Portugal) with her family and is headed to see her parents in CA for a month (it's a surprise!). She has a long layover here, which works out perfect because we will get to meet eachother kiddos for the first time! We hope to take some pictures. I think the rest of the weekend will be low-key, just cleaning up the house, settling back in from our travels and reconnecting as a family. We may do our Starbucks run later today (just think, two in one day!).


  1. Ahhhh! Spring! Oh how I miss it! haha! Seems like we got 1 week of Spring, and now it's just about summer weather... ICK! Humid, and 85 degrees, which then makes it feel like 95 degrees. Although, it was pretty nice yesterday! :) Enjoy those tulips, and the *nice* weather!!! :)

  2. Sounds like you're having a wonderful day and a wonderful relaxing weekend! Mema just finished re-potting her plants in the back yard and we're getting ready to have our supper (how's that for an arcane word?). Tomorrow morning we're going to try to find Pacific Whey again. With any luck we won't end up at Ihop again.


  3. Pops, you can do it this time. I am just positive that PW will be one of your new favorite restaurants.