Friday, April 20, 2007

Word-filled Friday?

I have been in Oklahoma since Tuesday for a big family shin-dig, showing off the Magster (Aron had to work). I wanted to post a word-filled Wednesday this week, but Blogger wouldn't let me in...until today. Strange. We have been having a great time with all the family. And Mags has officially met her great-grandparents. We took some good pics, so will post when I get home (early next week). For now, here is a brief Maggie update, in words:

*She is grasping objects longer and even switching objects from hand to hand quite deftly
*She is sucking her thumbs and hands for longer periods of time
*She can actually put her pacifier back in her mouth (though it is slow going)
*She is laughing more frequently and doesn't need us to prompt her as much to do so
*She is almost sitting by herself (but still can't pull herself back up once she is bent over past the point of no return :)
*And the biggest news: she is cutting her first tooth (visible on the bottom middle)!! WOW.


  1. Yay for MAGS!! :) How great! Sitting up?!? BIG step! It's all over from there! LOL. It's then that you will realize how fast time goes. Because, it's like the next few months will fly and she will be crawling. Seriously enjoy EVERY minute! hehe. Teething... yes, Zoe is as well. :) Bad! Not crying about it anymore, though, so her tooth must be breaking the skin. It is quite sharp! :) Oklahoma?! I am SO jealous! I LOVE that place! My grandparents live there too. How funny. :) Missed your posts! :)

  2. So glad you're having a good time with the fam. Looks like you're missing some great weather in Chicago right now, but hopefully it's nice in OKC too.

    Yea for Mags and her first tooth!

  3. Hey this is Grayson's grandpa...We are showing him all of our girlfriends!

    Patti now...I was so busy running around Thursday getting ready for his party today that I didn't remember it was Thursday until 10 ish so I opted not to call...but now I know why I didn't you were OK. Hope you are having a wonderful time. Makes me sad you are that close and I'm not seeing you. But I'm still checking flights...G and I just might buy and ticket soon!!!

  4. Suzanne, I had so much fun chatting with you and meeting Maggie during that MUCH too short visit. I would really like to get together soon--maybe I should plan a trip to Chicago?

    Email me so I can find you on myspace!


  5. They grow up so fast!!!!

    (What does cutting a tooth mean for breastfeeding? I have no clue!)

  6. Patti--hooray for travel! I'm so hoping it works out that you guys come for a visit. G's 1st birthday is tomorrow, huh? Wow, time totally goes so fast.

    Whit--I actually think I forgot your email already; but, I may have it at home, so I'll have to check. Glad we could connect the other night. Thanks for stopping by and meeting Mags. And heck, yes, come to Chicago. I can't wait to check out that store you were telling me about.

    Gloria--Aliza might be biting you at some point. :) How are things? We should catch up soon. I can't wait to meet her this summer!

  7. Gettin' excited for Heroes? *TONIGHT*!!! :)