Thursday, June 7, 2007

Maggie's 6 month stats

Today was Maggie's 6 month appointment, even though she isn't technically 6 months old until Monday. Here's an M update in words:

*Weighs 18 pounds, 12 ounces (she's only gained 2 1/2 pounds since her 4 month visit; we actually figured she was around 20 pounds now): 90th percentile
*Height 26 1/4 inch (almost 3 inches up from last visit): 75th percentile
*Her first solid food (other than rice cereal) was an avocado and she hated it...tried it twice. Too bad. I'm determined to bring it back in a few months (there is no better food, imo, than an avocado!). Solid foods are slow going, but she ate sweet potatoes this week and loved them, so my hope is renewed. Up next: bananas and sqaush. Still don't think she is a fan of rice cereal. Some babies aren't.
*Started sitting alone about 3 weeks ago; she's very strong
*Loves to stand
*Puts everything in her mouth but especially seems to love book edges
*Still only has 2 front teeth; no new ones to date
*Rolls over from back to front
*Laughs and smiles tons and constantly makes noises
*Loves to look up at the lights in the house or in the hallway
*Takes 2 naps and a catnap each day
*Still an amazing sleeper at night (10-11 hours)
*Likes to be covered up with her blanket when she sleeps
*Puts her pacificier back in her own mouth quite deftly
*Had her first childcare experience at church this past Sunday and did very well!
*May need to wear a helmet for flatness of the back of her head (do you like how I threw that in at the end? oh well, such is life. we are going to see a speicalist in two weeks).


  1. I love reading about her progress! Thank goodness for sweet potatoes!

  2. I haven't tried giving Zoe avocado yet. I love them too... I will try giving Zoe one in a couple months. She is still cruising through the Stage 1 and Stage 2 foods. She has loved all of them so far. Pretty fun watching them with new tastes. haha! Oh, and Zoe loves Ice Cream/frozen yogurt... ooops. ha ha. Don't give her much. Just a couple tastes. Things are totally different when you have the 2nd child. :) A little more easy going I think. I was so protective, and OCD about everything when Angelina was a baby. :) OK, I am a blabber mouth. Off I go to do some *late* night scrapbookin! :) Oh, are you still giving Mags breastmilk? Just wondered. OK, BYEEEEE! :)

  3. What a big girl Mags is now! I am so impressed with all her new tricks. She sounds very chill, like her parents.

    Keep us posted on the helmet.

    You're doing great with the solids. It can be slow going, but hang in there; you'll figure out pretty quick what she loves and hates and it will get beyond rice cereal or sweet potatoes too. You are such a good mom! :)


  4. love the update suz! thanks for sharing the little details of your life with us!

  5. don't sweat it if she doesn't like rice's an unecessary filler. (will I be attacked) my kids had bananas and sweet potatoes for the longest time and they are great eaters! I will pray for her soul is important that she come around on the avocados...maybe when's she's older :)