Monday, July 9, 2007

cheers for friends

"Will Feed Anywhere"
The Bean in Millenium Park
Overlooking the Chicago River
Chicago Deep Dish

Playing with M

Walking around Palmer Square, near our flat

Our good friends from Dallas, Brad and Tammy, came up for a weekend visit. The boys went to The Police concert at Wrigley Field on Friday night (and according to Randall, this is only the second concert venue Wrigley has ever hosted) and Tam and I just chilled with Mags. We did some outdoor shopping, came home and ate sandwiches, talked, and later watched "Deja Vu," which was a bit disappointing. The boys couldn't have been more pleased with the concert and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. On a very warm Saturday, Tam and I made our first trip ever to Steve and Barry's where we purchased some of Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line (it's only sold at these stores). "Bitten" is stylish and inexpensive; nothing (yes, nothing!) is over $20. There are shoes, t-shirts, dresses, swimsuits, jewelry, purses, shirts, and pants. You must check it out! Later, we all headed downtown and enjoyed Gino's deep-dish pizza (M&R, we totally thought of you guys), walked along Michigan Avenue down to Millennium Park, made a stop at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe, and lastly, waited in a very hot and long line for Garrett's famous popcorn (again, M&R, totally thought of you guys). The weather was extremely warm and the crowds downtown large, so we made our escape after a few hours of exploring. That night, we played Scene-It and ate dinner (the girls won every round). On Sunday, we took them to church and later grilled steaks at the house where Shel and Randall joined us. The guys played Guitar Heroes, Randall even arriving with his guitar in it's own case!

Brad and Tam, you two have been some of our most favorite guests yet. Please come back anytime. Thanks for all the Maggie love, too. It was awesome to watch all your interactions with her. As we put her to bed tonight, she reminisced about our weekend together, smiled up at us and said, "Nose." Tam, can you believe it!? :)


  1. Sounds like you have had yet another fun weekend!! :) You have some pretty great friends!

  2. As we read your blog, we reminisced about our trip. Has to be at the top of one of our favorite visits. The casual shopping on the street, chillin like a villain out at the McKay Manor, The Police concert, pizza, a wonderful visit to your church, grilling steaks with Shelly and Randall who are totally cool new friends, nearly meeting "you know who" (BTW, where is THAT blog?) winning every game of Scene-It no matter what the boys imagined...and to top it all off, a most precious baby girl. You know it would make my whole life if she really did say "nose". But she will someday and then I'll take all the credit. AH HA HA!!(diabolical laugh)
    It was all great and look forward to seeing you guys again.

    Love so much!

  3. You guys do a great job of hosting your guests. Sounds like a fun, jam-packed weekend. I want to go to some of those spots next time I'm in town!


  4. Suz- I'm glad you finally got to go to Steve & Barry's! You should post some pics of you modeling your new clothes! I wonder if we got any of the same stuff!

  5. Dude - Gino's and Millenium Park! That spells "great afternoon!" Just add the Navy Pier and your set. I hate that you live there and I'm still stuck in Texas.

    Glad to see your doing well... my best to the fam.

  6. Hey, Tammy and Brad -- so fun to meet you on Sunday! Seriously: think about moving here!

    I think I'm listed as the Wunder-Smiths on this blog, but the address is Randall's blog is (he hasn't been updating as regularly as he used to -- busy with work the past few months).