Friday, May 16, 2008

ChalieJo and Urban Bark

A friend from Chicago recently opened an Etsy shop (ChalieJo) with handmade cards--hand-stiched fabric on the outside and paper on the inside. They are *stunning!* If you are in need of new stationary and want to support the individual artisan, then I encourage you to check our her online store:

Another friend in CA, recently opened her own stationary business out of her home. She is a talented graphic artist and I'm also loving her work. I'm trying to encourage Shannon to buy some of her baby announcements (the ones with the guitar and rocker symbols; too cute!). Check out her site: (I couldn't actually save and print an image from this site for some reason, so you'll just have to click on it and see for yourself). :)


  1. suz! i LOVE this stuff! what artsy, talented friends you have! i feel so inspired now to *create*. i used to sell handmade cards to my family when i was little...and i also made scrunchies (remember those, eeek) and sold them at my sister in laws in-home hair salon. anyway, i'm feeling crafty today thanks to you & your friends! xo

  2. yes, these are FAB!! now does the second one only sell at trade shows? thanks for sharing.

  3. These are very cool. If I only used stationary. ;)

  4. that is very cool that you included Corrie in your blog- so sweet! Hey, let me know what cards you want and I'll send you out an order :-) Miss you!!

  5. Thank you, thank you, Suz... So thoughtful.