Monday, May 5, 2008

maggie likes birthdays

Last weekend, Maggie attended her first friend's birthday party. Grayson turned 2 and the party was held at a wonderful bounce house with slides and climbing toys and even play areas for younger kiddos (where Mags spent most of her time, along with Dealey). Elmo was the centerpiece, of course, and the kids even recieved Elmo socks as party favors. It was so much fun to hang out with other parents and watch the kids run free! We did allow Mags to eat an entire cupcake; her face cracks me up!
"I can't believe they're letting me eat this!"
"Is there any on my face?!"
This shot is hilarious because you can see that Mags has fallen over on the rocking duck in the background.
Dealey, at 10 months, was all smiles in his first birthday hat.

Socks! Maggie is sitting in the top left.
The birthday boy! Grayson, having fun with cousin Hunter.


  1. That picture of Maggie falling over is CLASSIC!

  2. I am dying laughing at the pic of Mags with her red face!

  3. thanks for coming to my party maggie. i'm glad you had a good time there. we need to go back this summer when it is to hot to play outside.

    big kiss~gray

  4. Love the pic of Maggie falling over. Hilarious! Where did our little babies go? They look like little people now!

  5. Happy Birthday to Grayson! Sounds like a great party. Love the pic of her falling off the rocking horse and the one with the cupcake. Does she get her sweet-tooth from her auntie? ;)