Friday, May 9, 2008

life with maggie

In the last month, I have noticed the following in Maggie:

*Has begun to tell us when she has popped in her diaper (not every time, but most). It started about 4 weeks ago when I found her hiding behind her rocker and I asked her what she was doing and she pointed to her diaper and exclaimed, "Poop!" It was awesome. :)
*Is learning to play hide and seek with various objects (her favorite is a toy butterfly); we hide it and she finds it (in a somewhat obvious spot)
*Is learning to say, "yes, mom/dad," after we give her an instruction; we prompt her and she responds. Will volunteer "thank you" and "please" often.
*Likes us to put diapers on her dolls and bears
*Thinks Elmo is the next best thing; While I do love "Sesame Street", there are other shows I like as well, and when we watch TV, we watch those (her favorite is "Word World" on PBS). I'm not sure where this infatuation with Elmo came from. Her Grandpa (my dad), sent her a special package this week with an Elmo t-shirt. She was thrilled!
*In an Elmo book we do have, there is a picture of him eating a picnic lunch and his very small sandwich has a bite taken out of it...she pointed this out w/out prompting from us and said, "Bite!" Now, she does that every time she sees it.
*In Pat the Bunny, there is a little book Judy reads and it has a picture of a clock. While in music class a few months ago, we would rock the kids back and forth on their feet and sing, "I'm a little Coo-Coo (Cuckoo?) clock" and eventually say, "Coo-Coo" loudly and bounce the kids in the air. Unprompted, Maggie has started to say "Coo-Coo" each time she sees that clock in the book. How amazing is the brain to retain such information?! I have never put an actual clock in front of her and said, "Coo-Coo" to associate those words.
*In the last week her appetite seems to have decreased more than ever, yet, she isn't showing any signs of illness or teething (the most predominate times we see this beahvior). It can be a bit frustrating when coming up with meal options, esp. breakfast, as she used to devour an egg and oatmeal. Sigh. Please tell me you have experienced something similar. I'm beginning to wonder if something else might be wrong. Just my mothering instinct. We'll keep watching her.

Happy Friday!


  1. How fun! Lots of new things, and lots more to come. They begin to explode with lots of new things from this point forward...

    The eating thing is totally normal! Zoe has gone through it, and still is at times not eating what she used to love, but I have found that I take a break from whatever she is refusing, and try something new and then reintroduce the original thing she refused, she eats it with joy. As long as she is growing, and happy, everything is OK. :)

    Also, read this website:

    Lots of info on there about what babies/toddlers go through during each month. What's normal, what's not, etc etc etc.


  2. I almost wonder if there are subliminal messages behind elmo's voice that only kids can hear....pooping in private places, so funny when they do that, and they get that face!!

  3. Jake loves Elmo too! As for the eating thing, we go through this with him all the time. His doctor says it's normal for this age group so I've stopped worrying. But, it does make mealtime pretty frustrating. It seems as if he's been on a hunger strike for the last five days!

  4. a lot of the hunger strike thing, is just another way of them showing off their new independence. All mine did it. Don't worry!