Wednesday, November 28, 2007

5 phone numbers that will change your life

That's their title, not mine. :) Yesterday, on The Today Show, they shared 5 phone numbers, you probably have never heard about.

1. Traffic congestion relief: 1.866.MY.TRAFC
After listening to a 10 second add, you use voice recognition software to say your city and state and street location and are given more accurate information about your drive than those every 10-15 minute updates on the radio. Even alternative routes are provided!

2. Bar bet hotline: 334.844.4244
Ok, it's not really a bar bet hotline (it's the "Foy Information Hotline"), but that's how they described it on the show. You know how you are chatting with friends and someone says: "The Civil War ended in 1880" (because everyone talks history! :)). You disagree, but at the moment, aren't even sure you know the exact date of the Appomattox Courthouse armistice. Call the above number! It's actually based out of Auburn University's Student Union. I excitedly told Shel last night about this and after my long diatribe, she informed me that both she and her sister, Karen, answered phones when they were in school! But, in the early '90s before everyone had Internet, they had to consult giant notebooks filled with information, and peruse dictionaries, encyclopedias, and National Geographic. Matt Lauer called yesterday during the interview and asked the girl, "What is Barbie's real name?" and in less than 1 minute, she came back with the answer: Barbara Millicent Roberts (named after the designer's daughter). At Life Group last night, we called and asked why the Academy Awards statuette is called "Oscar." To find out why, give them a call (Lauer called them "the original Google")! Or, look it up on Wikipedia. But, for all those times you are away from the Internet, keep this number handy.

3. San Fransisco Sex Information: 415.989.SFSI
No, no, it's not that kind of line! This group has been around since 1972, provide trained counselors, psychologists, and therapists, and will answer questions you have, and you can remain completely anonymous.

4. Ohio Tobacco Quit Line: 800.QUIT.NOW
Pretty self-explanatory: trained counselors provide those trying to quit with needed support.

5. Golden Oldie: 866.411.SONG
This one is right up my alley! Next time you are going insane, because you can't think of the title of that song, call this number, hold the phone up to the song for 15 seconds as it's playing, and the service will send you a text message with the title and artist. First one is free, after that each one is 99 cents.

Click here to read more (again, it's short!).


  1. That is really interesting and how CRAZY that Foy was on there! Insane! I remember calling it a lot when I was in school, although probably not as much as people did when K&S were there. So funny that Matt even called on the phone - I wonder if that girl knew who she was talking to?


  2. WOW! So the traffic one is probably my favorite, especially since Jeff has a super long commute!

  3. LOVE it! I called Foy all the time when I was a student, (Hey, you never know when you need to find out how long the original Appian Way was, in inches!?) but it was usually to talk to Shel. When Hannah, the Auburn student working that morning, answered, Matt identified himself and it sounded like she didn't believe him at first. But she kept her cool and did a great job of representing the great "ambassadors of Foy". I was so proud!!