Thursday, November 29, 2007

5 surprising bargain-hunting tips

Just in time for the holiday season, these tips were shared today:

1) FruCall: 888.DO.FRUCALL--sounds like a great number to have on hand. Basically, if you are in the store, debating buying a flat-screen TV (or any number of other items), you can call this number to see if you are getting a good deal (compares prices elsewhere). Who knows? If the price is better elsewhere, maybe the sales clerk will match the deal.

2) Online coupon code: simply Google the store name of choice and the words "coupon code" or "promotional code" after it and see what comes up. You can also check these other sites:,,,

3) The Freecycle Network:
Like Craigslist, except everything is free.

4) Out-of-order hotel rooms: booking a room this season? Ask about aforementioned rooms and see what kind of price discount is offered to you. These rooms typically have a small stain on the carpet, a broken lamp, etc., so small enough to still be totally usable (nothing large like "no hot water" or "bathroom is broken"). Savings good be quite significant.

5) Dynamic pricing: a computer trick to help lock in the best price on an online item (read up on it below)

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