Tuesday, May 29, 2007

American Idol weigh-in

One week ago, America crowned Jordin Sparks her newest Idol. My take: she deserved to win, she continually grew stronger each week, she has an amazing voice (what a gift!), and by far, she's the most marketable; Aron says she is a pop producer's dream. I'm glad she won because frankly if Blake had, he'd be relegated to singing what the man wants him to sing and he needs to do his own indy track. He'll be far more successful as the runner-up. Tam, this post is for you. Weigh-in now. Shey, you, too!


  1. :) Shey Here!

    I do believe that Blake will go farther by not winning American Idol. To be frank, I am not a fan of Jordin. Quite honestly, aside from Blake, I only really like Phil and Gina. I knew that Blake wasn't going to win, and lost interest after Phil was voted off.

    I am really really hoping that the next season of A.I. will be more interesting, and have more talent. There was a lack of talent this year, and so, for me a lack of interest.

    So, here's a toast to a better next season of American Idol. And, *please* no Sanjaya's! ;)

  2. Shey, thanks for the thoughts. I have to disagree though, as I feel like this season had the most talent in any season yet. Why don't you like Jordin? Her sound/style? I think she's young, sincere, and extremely talented. I felt like each contestant this season really brought his/her own flair to singing and performing and even if one didn't like a certain style, almost every one of those contestants could sing and sing well (minus one or two of the top 12). I was also suprised this season by how geniune everyone seemed and they all got along, from everything I have read. I like that.

    We'll see what next season holds!

  3. I have watched American Idol from the start. I have seen many more talents that what was shown this season. I do agree that there were many *different* people. Meaning different styles of singing, but to me, definitely not the the most talent by far.
    I thought too that the contestants were genuine... or at least seemed that way. I do think that Jordin is very talented. I judge these people in my own way. Would I buy their album? Will I buy Jordin's album? No. But I would buy Blake's. I would also buy Phil's and Gina's. But nobody else's.
    Past seasons have produced *phenomenal* singers!! i.e. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood {1 of my favorites} and of course, Chris Daughtry {whom didn't win, but because of A.I. he was discovered}. Chris Daughtry is another favorite of mine.
    I only have an opinion about these people's voices, and their performances. I don't tend to pay attention to the way to interact with the other contestants, or any of that. I am watching purely to see them sing and perform, and that's really it.
    Of course the people this year had talent! But, I was pretty dissapointed with this season... along with a lot of people. I watch it just because I have watched it since it premiered. And, I have loved it every year... except this one. This year I just wasn't that into it. I liked Gina a lot, but when she got booted, that was it for me. Especially since Sanjaya stayed. OK, better stop now, because I am pretty opinionated, and I could go on forever. :)

  4. You mean Sanjaya didn't win!? I stopped watching 6 weeks ago because I thought it was a done deal. I thought that whatever he may have lacked vocally, he more than made up for in the way he styled his hair.

    Well, that's it for me - no more A.I. The outcome is obviously rigged.

  5. Good talent doesn't always mean you are a good performer. Jordin had the talent and Blake had all the performance. Both will do great but both need to hone in on those weaknesses.
    But, I have to agree with the Benners (Hi!) that this season lacked something. You really didn't have the belters like Carrie, Kelly, Katherine, Taylor etc..I am not mentioning Fantasia in the group because she is what's known as a screamer! Everyone this season all seemed a little bland with no pizazz that made them unique.
    Jordin, Lakeshia, and Melinda seemed the same to me and then of course seeing Sanjaya up there each week turned my stomach. Gina was really the only one that had something special about her; her style, her hair, her voice....I'm tearing up now...changing the subject!!
    The ending show was really good. Smokey and the boys were great and I thought Gladys Knight was wonderful! but who can beat Prince from last year? Answer...no one.
    P.S. Better Midler. What was that all about?

    On to next season!!

  6. i mean "won." i just had to edit myself being an editor and all :)

  7. i can't wait to see what projects blake puts out! his beat boxing is A-MAZING...i love that guy! (roby is so happy that his choice one...at least both of our favorites made it to the final two! ;)