Tuesday, May 8, 2007

maggie update in words

She's approaching 5 months this week! Here are some updates about sweet girl:

*Has in two, bottom front teeth
*Started rice cereal this weekend (video coming)
*Laughs all the time and has even been known to do it for no apparent reason
*Exhibting personality likes and dislikes: arching back when she is mad or wants to do something different and cries if we leave the room (sometimes) or if her mobile goes off
*Getting so strong, using her hands to hold herself up when sitting; sat alone this weekend for the first time (granted, it's not like you can put her just anywhere and you need to spread her legs a little to give her some balance, but hey, she sat on our bed for a good 10 plus minutes)
*Wearing size 3 diapers and clothes sizes 6-9 months (does anyone really care about this?! :)
*I swear she says "hi." We say this to her alot and she often responds to ours with a sound that sounds like "hi." It's not another sound, but definitely a distinct "h" sound. Brilliant child. :)
*Alas, still dislikes tummy time; we are trying to give it to her every wake time to get her more adjusted and it's working, but she still doesn't like it for longer than 10 minutes. I'm open to suggestions because another alas, she def. has a flat spot on the back of her head.


  1. hehe. Flat bald spot on the back of her head? Normal. :) Zoe has this too, and Zoe also HATES tummy time as did Angelina, but she turned out pretty good. :)
    Zoe also does the *hi* thing too. It's pretty cute. She is slowly starting to sit up, and almost turning from back to tummy, which, I think is the real turning point when they learn that tummy time really isn't so bad. 2 teeth! Wow! That is pretty great! :) Zoe is teething, but no teeth yet, but Angelina has 2 loose teeth, which is pretty funny, because I have one getting teeth, and one loosing teeth. hehe.
    Awww, rice cereal! :) I remember when we started Zoe on that! Was a few months ago, but because she wouldn't go more than 2 hours between meals before you thought she was going to starve to death! haha! Zoe is now on Stage 2 foods! Craziness! She *loves* meat! haha! She sounds like she is getting to be a big girl! How exciting! :)

  2. i love hearing these little things suz! and i can't believe she is in size 3 diapers...i JUST got owen out of them a few weeks ago!

  3. noticed you put up the decemberists up under your Our Ears section. i love them. matt pond is my fave...and we love sufjan and iron and wine too...guess we have the same musical tastes! ;)

  4. 5 MONTHS?!!! Gosh time flies, that means we haven't seen you guys in almost 6 months....how sad :o(

    I'm glad she's doing so good and growing so strong I can't wait to meet Ms. Mags and to see you again! We love you guys! Hugs & Skittles....

  5. ps. tell your sister her blog is seriously out of date! I often wonder how are the Stutlers doing? I look and and I guess they're still at DLand :o)~

  6. I can't believe she's about to be 5 months!! Wow! She is getting so fun - it's wonderful to hear how her personality is coming out more; I wish I could see it in person. :)

  7. Yes, we care to hear about such things. G and Mags are in the same size. :) he does still wear some 6 to 9 but in 12 months he looks kinda gangsta...but it's cute!

    I love to hear that her personality is showing. Enjoy the moments!

  8. Rachel, I about died when I read your comment about Dland. Hilarious! Shan was actually talking about discontinuing it all together and I'm trying to talk her out of it!

    I know, guys, 5 months is crazy! Time is flying so fast.

    Heth, Ok, Owen is just a tiny little thing; Mag is a chunka runk.

    Patti, man, wish they could hang out! I love that they are in the same size. G, too, is super tiny. :)

  9. oh, and thanks, shey, for the flat head commraderie. good to know that it won't last. Good for Z eating such great foods!! Did you make any of it yourself? That's what I'm hoping to do; just bought "Super Baby Food" at the suggestion of LWB.

  10. haha. No, I haven't made any of the baby food myself. I did think about it, but I just don't have time, nor do I think I'd have the patience. :) Let me know how it goes if you decide to do it, though! :)
    When Angelina was 5 months she was still in 0-3 months clothes!!! She was ti*ny!!! haha! :) Zoe just switched to 3-6 months... she is *almost 7 MONTHS OLD*! Whoa! :)