Monday, May 28, 2007

Michigan, Michigan

Alas, we did not listen to the Sufjan song as we drove into Michigan, but it seemed an appropriate title for the post. Our family spent 2 nights in Saugatuk, Michigan this past Friday and Saturday. We enjoyed a nice dinner out at a seafood restaurant (we were the only customers) on Friday and Mags did great, playing for a bit then sleeping peacefully in her carseat. The room we rented was recently rehabbed, but wasn't quite ready for guests (no pillows, DVD player, and the stove didn't work), so the management upgraded us on Saturday to a 2-bedroom suite, which was fantastic so Mags could have her own space and we could have ours. We spent Saturday in Holland, Michigan (missing the tulip festival by a few weeks), drinking some tasty coffee and doing some shopping, though the sky was overcast. That night, when we got back to our room, Mags and Aron napped and I drove into downtown Saugatuk and shopped alone, finding a delcious spice store and promptly purchased some Hungarian paprika for a chicken dish we love. I walked through some art galleries, and overall just enjoyed some quiet time to browse. Overall, it was great to get-away, even though Aron has been fighting sickness, so wasn't feeling his best. But, he amazes me because he never once complained. We are enjoying exploring some neighboring states and cities here in the Midwest.

Mags sleeping peacefully in the car (though we are finding that she won't nap as long in there as she once would)

Playing with a toy on the bed
Yummy cafe Americanos served in large, glass steins

Chilling in Holland

Our lodgings, which overlooked the little bay below

A ship museum that we did not get a chance to walk through, but hey, it's still a cool shot!

The bay


  1. looks so fun! and the pic of mags sleeping is totally adorable. looks like her hair's getting longer. so sweet. xoxo

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun! :) Is Mags sitting up? Her hair is definitely getting VERY long, and she looks more like Aron every new picture taken of her! SO cute! :)

  3. Sounds like a great mini-vacation. I'm glad Aron was feeling well enough to go. Love the cute shirt Mags has on. She's getting a lot of hair...crazy.

  4. It sounds fabulous! I'm so glad you guys are making time to get away and explore, it's something I'm looking forward to being in NY with beaches, mountains, vineyards and more just a few hours away I can't wait! I'm also glad you're finding fun places for us all to escape to when we come visit!!!!! How fun, oh and Mags, she's growing so fast! love you, miss you.

  5. Girls, yes, hair is getting longer. I actually put a little barrett-bow in it the other day and it looked awesome! I borrowed it from a friend, so I'll have to buy some now.

    Shey, yep, Mags is sitting all by herself, and doing a find job! How 'bout Zoe?

    Sista, come visit. We love you guys so much.

    Rach, I can't wait to do some exploring with our families, whether here or in NYC and the surrounding East Coast states. Just thinking about it makes me giddy.

  6. Zoe is not sitting totally on her own...yet. :) She'll sit alone for about 1-2 minutes. Then she gets too tired. :) She likely will be totally able to in the next couple of weeks, though. :) Mike and I keep joking that she is going to be crawling before she is sitting. :) She is rolling all over the place, and is now officially too mobile to leave anywhere that's off the ground... like the bed. :)

  7. Next stop . . . Iowa! We're a neighboring state too you know :o)

  8. Next stop after Iowa... NORTH CAROLINA!!! haha! Neighboring? Not sure, but not too far! ;)

  9. Boo Hoo! Next time you're in MI, give me a holler! I'm only about an hour away from where you were! Could have given you the grand tour of this lovely state!

  10. Iowa...if you'll have us, we will come some day. I actually have been really thinking about and wanting to do that old-fashioned Christmas dinner you wrote about a few years back. Do you know what I'm talking about, Jess? BTW--working on catching up on your blog...lots to read!

    Shey, you never know. We are exploring maniacs, so NC may not be too far away! Mags is not yet rolling, but we feel she'll be doing it in the next few weeks; she's almost there.

    Juleen, I had no idea you were so close! Grand Rapids? I'm trying to remember a big city that wasn't too far from us. Next time, we'll definitely look you up. Michigan seems like a really great state, with lots to do. We would actually love to visit Mackinac Island some day.

  11. I'm in Lansing, so you weren't very far at all. Mackinac Island is absolutely beautiful. If you ever get up that way you've got to check out the upper peninsula as well. My family has a cabin about and hour from there.

  12. suz, it is SO great that you are out and about exploring with the magster. everyone said to get our traveling out of the way before owie came, but we've found that it isn't TOO difficult to travel with him...he seems to handle it pretty well for the most part, and it adds a lovely extra dimension to our sight-seeing that we didn't have before him. Seeing the world through a youngster's eyes definitely makes you experience things in a new way! since his birth, he has been to philly several times, new york, houston tons of times, orange county, tampa and orlando, atlanta lots and i am sure i am forgetting some ;) We need to do some more exploring around here too since we are in the center of so many places (i know alabama is close by, as well as south carolina...we want to go to asheville at some point!) wish we could meet in the middle somewhere and explore together! this year is booked though, so maybe next year?! :) so glad roby is meeting up with you guys this week in chi-town...wish owie and i could be there to visit with you guys and meet mags...but i am glad that roby will be able to! know that you can come visit us in chatt-town if you are ever in the mood to come to the deep south!