Friday, May 11, 2007


We arrived home two weeks ago from a week-long visit to see family in Oklahoma City. My mom and dad flew out from Orlando and Shannon flew in from Reno. Overall, it was an incredibly low-key trip, just what I had hoped for. Most days, we hung around the house. My aunt Peggy and Uncle Bill played the generous hosts, giving us a place to stay and several wonderful meals out (many, many thanks, you guys! we can't wait to come back). As a quick sidenote: my uncle will tell you that he really isn't a "baby person" but he did like Maggie!). Daily, Dad, Shan, and I went to Starbucks to get our caffeine fix for the day (his treat). We all enjoyed talking in the hot tub one night and spent many days on their gorgeous porch out back, talking and connecting. I am quite envious of that porch and am eager to have my own some day! Mag was able to meet a ton of family, including the extra-special time with her great-grandparents. They were so thrilled to *finally* meet her. On Saturday, Shan and I cooked up a tasty brunch for my dad's family, who drove in from Tulsa. This was one of my favorite trips and once again, Maggie was a fantastic traveller.

Big smile for Marmie
Cousin time--Laura and Alycia and one of Alycia's boys, Cameron. What sweet, sweet boys she and her hubby have! They are polite and thoughtful and genuinely just really fun to be around. Laura, Shannon, and I have so many great memories of swimming in Grammie's (dad's mom) pool when we were younger.
4 generations--although, I must admit, I wish Shannon were in this shot. I mean, why not? It's all the Brooks family through my mom's side. Next time I guess.

Mags and mama; Aunt Peggy has such an incredibly beautiful backyard so we took a ton of pics (although, my one regret is that Shan and I didn't get any together!).

Looking like daddy!

Maggie getting lots of grandparent love!

The Kirk clan, my dad's family. His two sisters are pictured here: Jackie, standing next to him and Judy, third from right. Judy's daughters are pictured, the two standing on either side of her. Cherri, my dad's 2nd cousin (and Sara's mom), is pictured next to my mom. This is only part of the Tulsa crew (Jackie's family wasn't there). Anyway, lots of fun catching up!

My cousin Sara and Mags. Sara tells me that she looks forward to Wordless Wednesday every week. :) She really enjoyed some M time and loves children. Shan and I actually hadn't seen her in like 12-15 years, so it was fun to reconnect, especially since we grew up playing together.

Lunch one day with the Brooks clan (mom's family)

Gigi (great-grandma) and Mags enjoy some bonding over feeding. My grandparents actually argued over who would hold her first! How cute is that?!

G-pa (great-grandpa) and Mags. He loves her feet ever since we sent out newborn pics of them. He was thrilled to finally meet her!

Grandpa and M--I just really love this shot

Playing in the carseat with Marmie


  1. Hey! See, I told you I'd start commenting!! :) Fun to read about the trip, and great to see pics of people I haven't seen in years and years! I really liked the pic of Maggie and Sara together.

  2. Great photos! I love the one of you and Mags -- you look great! And how much do I love that your mom's grandmother name is Marmie!! So glad it was fun. Really cool to see the 4 generations of women. Glad it was such a wonderful time with family.

  3. What great pics! How fun to have so much family to introduce Maggie to. I really hope that when she starts talking she actually calls her great grandpa, g-pa!

  4. How awesome!!! It is so great to reconnect with family! You look great Suz!

  5. loved seeing all of these pics. mags is a total aron look alike, don't you think? and i agree with the shot of the 2 of you. you look like a happy (& hip) mom! xoxo

  6. I'm loving this blog business. Make you feel not so very far away. Mags has made it to the list of top ten cutest babies of all time! She is stinkin' adorable, Suz!

  7. Bailey, so glad you decided to stop in and comment. I love it. Have I convinced you yet to start your own blog?!

    La, I know, fun stuff with the 4 generations. I like that we call her Marmie, too. However, we'll see what M ends up calling everyone once she can talk. Like how E's M calls one of his Grandpa's "Papa Bunch." I love that one.

    Thanks to all for the loving comments about me. :)

    Tines, yep, looking more and more like her dad.

    Ang, so thrilled to have you stop in and how stoked am I that you are now blogging!?!?

  8. Looks like a great time was had by all. Making me look forward to our family get together this summer. I love that your grandparents argued over who would hold mags first...that's just precious.

    BTW- the 4 generation pic is a my home town you could put it in the local paper!