Tuesday, August 4, 2009

beach days

These days we have been going to the beach at least 2x a week. Both kids absolutely LOVE it, yes even the baby. I took them each out individually into the crashing waves last week and they both laughed and splashed giddily. Our good friends, the Ortons, came to visit in July and stayed almost a whole week. I cannot tell you how much fun it was to have them here! I will post more pics later, but for now, here's a shot of all 4 kiddos enjoying the sand at Baby Beach in Dana Point. Isn't Curren's face the best?!?


  1. how great to be so close to the beach! LOVE this shot of the kids loving life. ahhhh! i wanna come:) xo

  2. Man! I miss the beach! :( It's HOT HERE! I want to jump into the picture or one of mine on my blog to get back to that delicious 75 degrees!

    Cute picture!

  3. his face IS the best, "hmmm, yes I think i prefer the texture of pacific sand, hmmm".

  4. I also want to come. I MISS the beach....these northern NY'ers thing that a LAKE can have a real beach. sheesh. Guess I'll get my fix from your pics for now ;)

    I love Maggie's hat, and that look on Curren's face is awesome! What cute kiddos you have!