Thursday, August 27, 2009

bethany visits

My close friend, Bethany, arrived last weekend for a whirlwind visit, brought together by her husband and I for her birthday (as a surprise!). It was a BLAST as she and I were able to connect and she was able to just be "Bethany" and not "Mom" or "Wife" for the weekend. I look forward to a trip like this myself. :) We were able to pack in a ton to 2 1/2 days: shopping at Santa Monica Promenade, 2 vists to the beach, shopping at the Spectrum, 2 nights of do-it-yourself yogurt, Laguna Beach Arts Festival, long talks, and coffee out one night. Bethany has become such a good friend this past year when we lived on campus at DTS (literally, her family lived directly across the hall from us). We miss playing with her kiddos, Asher and Cademon, on a daily basis. We have connected over our journeys in motherhood, as wives of seminary husbands, creative endeavors, and our pursuits of God. Come back anytime, friend! And bring the family next time.

Outside the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach

Eating cupcakes at Yummy Cupcakes in Santa Monica...hands-down the best cupcakes I've ever had...yes, better than Sprinkles.

Curren eating my finger and wishing he could have a cupcake!

Love this shot!

And this one, too!

The steps down to Lost Winds beach in San Clemente

Maggie taking a break before the hike up the stairs

Sunset at Salt Creek beach
**All of these pics (minus the ones of both Bethany and I) were taken by Bethany! She is a talented photographer. And like I said in the post below, I LOVE the face shots of Curren.


  1. I was just about to give you huge kudos for the photogs. They are great! Love your hair in these shots - looking good. And does Mags have those ballet flat crocs? She is too much! xoxox

  2. such great shots, obviously a great time.

  3. awesome pictures! i want a cupcake!

  4. That is quite a claim (about the cupcakes) coming from you! I know how much you love your Sprinkles. I will have to taste these cupcakes when I get there!

  5. ah, looks like it was a blast! love the pics and suz, you're looking so hip. you've inspired me to work on my should see me today, yikes. the earrings are hot! xo

  6. Those two of you and Curren are so great!