Sunday, August 30, 2009


The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule has been an inspirational read! I've LOVED her ideas for incorporating creative play into daily life, everthing from art projects to free play to varous crafts.
One idea I have loved is to incorporate family art time. This can be anything from a set-aside art night or taking just a few minutes a day to incorporate drawing/sketching/painting into every day life. Soule suggets everyone drawing the same object together and talking about their work afterwards. This got me thinking and I decided to purchase a sketchbook from Borders and have one place where all of Maggie's artwork can be stored and will grow with her overtime. No more stacks of artwork in file folders. Maggie has enjoyed her new book! I have also used the sketchbook this week after our morning walks or before dinnertime (when things can be a bit choatic). It's a simple way to say, "Draw a picture of something you observed on our walk," or "Draw your favorite memory of today."

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  1. Do you read her blog? It's kind of intimidating, I wish I would do half the stuff she does!! But I like your sketchbook idea, simple and i don't have to be super crafty :) I love the things you do with Maggie, what a cool relationship you guys are already forming.