Friday, August 21, 2009

happy 67th anniversary!

In 1941, my Grandpa spotted on my Grandma and the local soda fountain in Waurika, Oklahoma. She was having a grand time with a friend, talking and laughing over ice-cream. He took an instant liking to her (and I believe even thought to himself, "I want to marry that girl!"), walked over to her, grabbed a spoon of his own, and ate right out of her ice-cream dish! They married on August 21, 1942 and not long after, Grandpa was shipped off to the Pacific to fight in WWII.

Sixty-seven years later, they are still married. We love the stories they tell of their life together (think of all that has changed in the world in the past almost-seven decades!). We love them and are thankful for their long-standing marriage.

Out to dinner to celebrate this week, the waitress brought them a dish of ice-cream to share!


  1. PRECIOUS! Thank you for sharing their story... what a great example of long standing marriage to look to! Congrats!

  2. I love hearing stories like that!

  3. what a great story! & what a gutsy guy to eat her ice cream like that! love it. xo

  4. 67, wow. what a great legacy/heritage of marriage to have in your family!